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Reign Fall (2016) looks at the dissolution of monarchy. We witness the breakdown of many things. One topic that has interested me is the breakdown of monarchies. I wanted to show this in the physical sense, capturing it visually in personas and subjects, as well as material objects that represent it. Achieved through the dissolving of objects both physically and in each image. I wanted to somewhat emulate portraits of the past but bring it into a contemporary context through the use of staging, colour, lighting, costuming and overall design. I examined historical portraits as a reference guide for posture, gesture and objects present, portraying the idea of status. I wanted to use a substantial amount of images to represent excess. As you progress through the series the dissolution/melting becomes more obvious and accelerates. You could conclude that there is a grotesque quality about the melding of different objects together, but also see the beauty in it. Becoming very abstract in both a soft and harsh way. The work, whilst it has a specific theme to it, fits within the constraints of contemporary artwork; therefore it can be interpreted in a variety of ways, achieved through the help of the colouring. 

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