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Pursuits in Red (2018) is a culmination of research into the colour red and the figuarition applied to it. Over three video pieces, the series approaches the colour through a social, mental and performative nature. Each individual work is a stepping stone towards a greater body of work that is currently being produced. Through the creation of these works, the notions, ideas and figuration behind the colour red, a deeper understanding has been created.


The Truth From My Red Lips (2018) employs found images of prominant females who have come forward as sexual assault victims within the entertainment industry in the past year.  The cropped images of these womens red lips are taken from around the time of the assaults or when the truth was exposed. Thw work utilises the Taylor Swift lyric “Here’s the truth from my red lips”.


Whilst researching the colour red and the figuarition applied to it, the major idea of the colours representtion is power, strngth and war. Throughout my endevours into the colour red, and any references to the colour, I came across ‘End Game’, a song by American musician, Taylor Swift. “Here’s the truth from my red lips” Swift sings in the song. This particular line propmted thought on Swift’s recent secual assault trial against a radio presenter who groped her during an interview. Through coming forward and taking action, Swift exposed the truth.


This line prompted the idea to read the testimonials of those who have come forward against sexual assaulkt within the entertainment industry and shared their own abuse stories. Since coming forward and revealing the truth these women have not started war but a movement against the misconduct and are taking back the power. 


Research into the effect of colour on the human brain has found that colour not only influences mood, but also memory, mental agility, hormone levels and even our physical strength. Through the pulsating colour and the warped audio, the work creates this mesmerising space in which one could be drawn into the colour, leaving the figuration of the colour influencing the effect left on the viewer. The work incorporates a quote by artist and writer Derek Jarman, whose novel ‘Chroma’ supplied ideas on monochrome.


Supercut (2018) acts as an end point to the broad research undertaken on the colour red, prior to the refinement of specific ideas and notions. The work parallels my current body of work in that it utilises monochrome to alter appearance, acting a final stepping stone to its creation. Through the use of paint on skin, I was able to camouflage myself into the backdrop but also be visible. The intention is not to be invisible, but not to be seen. To almost completely remove identity and morph into this unknown figure, an idea that has featured throughout my entire practice.

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