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Found Objects (2016) examines objects left behind on the road in a highly populated travel area. The work was shot at night with a long exposure and a flash light used to illuminate the objects. I used this approach to create a somewhat sinister effect that poses the question, “what happened that resulted in these objects being left behind?”. The video itself includes audio of the area these objects were found. This pairs paired with the forensic nature of the images to create the sinister vibe. 

TWINS (2016)

People always seem to think my sister and I are twins, when in fact there is significant age gap. My argument has always been she’s always wearing makeup where as I jump out of bed and hope for the best. 


I decided this needed to be investigated. I studied my sisters application technique, and tried my best to memorise this ritual and replicate it for myself. I wanted to see if we actually looked like we could be twins, because apart from one photo, I’ve only ever seen slight similarities. Where I would note, her makeup could in fact be the key distinctive factor. Another factor in this work would be to also see if this changed my appearance when I applied make up. I’ve concluded we’re basically twins. 


The video touches on what’s socially acceptable. There is the thought that men wearing make up can sometimes misconstrue the idea or the line that distinguishes from male and female. However in a society like that of today’s, it is much more of an accepted ritual, whereby you see the coin metrosexual has been coined to describe the male who cares about his appearance.  

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